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CircuitRender Method
Renders this circuit to a file.

Namespace: Microsoft.Research.Liquid
Assembly: Liquid1 (in Liquid1.dll) Version: 1.0.5981.24943 (1.0.*)
member Render : 
        file : string * 
        typ : FSharpOption<string> * 
        detail : FSharpOption<int> * 
        split : FSharpOption<float> * 
        scale : FSharpOption<float> -> unit 


Type: SystemString
The full name of the file to create, including the extension.
Type: Microsoft.FSharp.CoreFSharpOptionString
The optional format for the rendered graphics. Possible values are:
  • "qc": QCircuit Liquid format
  • "tikz": TikZ Liquid format for TeX and LaTeX
  • "svg": Vector graphics format for HTML
The default is "svg".
Type: Microsoft.FSharp.CoreFSharpOptionInt32
An option specifying how many levels of Wrap to unwrap. The default is 999.
Type: Microsoft.FSharp.CoreFSharpOptionDouble
An option specifying what percentage of the total gates should go into each figure, if the circuit won't fit into a single figure. The default value varies with the figure size.
Type: Microsoft.FSharp.CoreFSharpOptionDouble
An option specifying a scaling percentage for the rendering, with 100.0 being full size. The default value varies with the figure size.
Detail is 0 for least, increasing wrap levels by each increment. That is, at level 0 only the top-level gate of a Wrap is displayed; at level 1, the top-level circuit that implements the Wrap is displayed; at l;evel 2, the top-level circuit is displayed with its Wrap gates also unwrapped once; etc.
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