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CircuitGateCount Method
Gets the count of gates in circuit. Note that pure label gates -- that is, gates of type String -- are never counted.

Namespace: Microsoft.Research.Liquid
Assembly: Liquid1 (in Liquid1.dll) Version: 1.0.5981.24943 (1.0.*)
member GateCount : 
        doParallel : FSharpOption<bool> * 
        gMatch : FSharpOption<FSharpFunc<Gate, bool>> -> int 


Type: Microsoft.FSharp.CoreFSharpOptionBoolean
An option to only count the longest sub-circuit of a parallel component, rather than adding all gates in all components. This is useful when computing gate depth. The default is false, which counts all gates, summing over parallel sub-circuits.
Type: Microsoft.FSharp.CoreFSharpOptionFSharpFuncGate, Boolean
An optional function to filter which gates should be counted. If a match function is provided, only gates that return true are included in the count. The default is to count all non-String gates.

Return Value

Type: Int32
The count of low-level gates in the circuit
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