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Microsoft.Research.Liquid Namespace
Public classApp
Utilities for executing the Liquid application.
Public classBit
Represents the measured value, in the computational basis, of a qubit.
Public classCircuit
The circuit representation of an operation in a quantum algorithm. Circuits are generally created using Circuit.Compile.
Public classCMat
A dense matrix of complex numbers.
Public classCSMat
A sparse matrix of complex numbers.
Public classCVec
A block-sparse vector of complex numbers.
Public classFermion
Hamiltonian simulation for fermionic systems.
Public classGate
A quantum gate.
Public classGateOp
Gate operation type. This is used in Gate definitions.
Public classGrowPars
Parameters that control circuit growth. See Circuit.Grow, Circuit.GrowGates, and Circuit.GrowSingle.
Public classHamiltonian
Base class for Hamiltonian dynamics simulators.
Public classHamiltonianGates
A collection of gates that are useful for Hamiltonian simulation and annealing.
Public classKet
Represents a state vector.
Public classKrausOp
Entries for Kraus operators in Channel Gate type
Public classNoise
A complete noise model for a specific circuit.
Public classNoiseEvents
Noise statistics that are tracked for normal and error-correcting gates.
Public classNoiseModel
A noise model for a particular type of gate (or set of gates).
Public classNoiseStat
Statistics tracked for each time that noise is applied.
Public classNoisyMats
Utility class for computing a Pauli rotation matrix. This is used to run quantum chemistry circuits with noise injected.
Public classOperations
The Operations module provides definitions of basic gates. It also includes some handy operators for manipulating qubit lists, and some operations for building gates from existing gates.
Public classQECC
Base class for quantum error correcting codes.
Public classQubit
Represents a quantum bit. New Qubits are created using the Ket Add methods.
Public classRunMode
Trotterization types.
Public classSpin
Hamiltonian for spin systems, such as the Ising model or a spin glass.
Public classSpinTerm
A single term in a Spin Hamiltonian.
Public classStabilizer
A stabilizer-based simulator based on CHP by Scott Aaronson and Daniel Gottesman. See arXiv:quant-ph/0406196 for more details.
Public classSteane7
Implementation of a Steane 7-bit quantum error correcting code, [[7,1,3]], based on the QECC class.
Public classTests
A collection of sample Liquid simulations and tests, plus some utility routines to make it easier to write new samples.
Public classUtil
General utilities used by the rest of the system
Public classUtilLQDAttribute
Allows a function to be visable from a LIQUiD script or the command line
Public classUtilprocStatsT
Current process memory usage statistics. Returned by the procStates function.
Public structureComplex
Data type for complex numbers.