The Language Integrated Quantum Operations Simulator

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LIQ𝑈𝑖⏐〉 can run with built-in samples, from scripts or as a runtime in a custom application.


Managed runtimes make code easy to write and guarantee safe execution. .NET manages memory with a garbage collector, compiles your code with a JIT compiler.


You can create LIQ𝑈𝑖⏐〉 simulations that run on multiple OSes and CPUs. LIQ𝑈𝑖⏐〉 runs on Windows, OSX and Linux.


Circuits may be rendered in either Web compatible SVG graphics or LaTaX compatible TikZ. Many formatting options are available.


A wide range of included optimizations allow for large circuits with a significant number of qubits to be simulated.


Runtime modularity allows for an extensibility model where the user can create their own quantum gates and circuits as hierarchical elements in a sophisticated library.


LIQ𝑈𝑖⏐〉 comes with a large documentation set including an extensive Users's Manual, API documentation (both compiled help and HTML) as well as an extensive samples suite.


LIQ𝑈𝑖⏐〉 is portable across various platforms, both in terms of operating systems and processor architectures. Code written for it is also portable across application stacks, such as Mono, making it feasible to move applications across app stacks as well.


We are encouraging community interactions via our GitHub web site. Users can provide feedback, sample circuits for others to use and discussion of new ideas for extending the core runtime.

A simple way to start

Refer to our getting started page for a more detailed look on how to get going on various platforms. You can then read about the project, try out the documentation or get in touch.