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GrowPars Class
Parameters that control circuit growth. See Circuit.Grow, Circuit.GrowGates, and Circuit.GrowSingle.
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Namespace: Microsoft.Research.Liquid
Assembly: Liquid1 (in Liquid1.dll) Version: 1.0.5981.24943 (1.0.*)
type GrowPars =  class end

The GrowPars type exposes the following members.

Public methodGrowPars(FSharpOptionInt32, FSharpOptionInt32, FSharpOptionBoolean)
Creates an instance with appropriate parameters for Circuit.GrowGates, which generates a denser circuit equivalent to an existing Circuit.
Public methodGrowPars(Boolean, FSharpOptionInt32, FSharpOptionInt32, FSharpOptionInt32, FSharpOptionFSharpListInt32, FSharpOptionInt32, FSharpOptionBoolean, FSharpOptionBoolean, FSharpOptionTupleDouble, Boolean)
Creates an instance with appropriate parameters for Circuit.GrowSingle, which generates a single unitary operation equivalent to an existing Circuit.
Public propertyAllowDense
If true, allow dense matrices to be generated by Circuit.GrowGates.
Public propertyCoalesce
For Hamiltonian circuits, a tuple of a scale value and a flag specifying whether or not to keep rotation gates around small angles. The scale value is used if the flag is false. See the Users' Guide for details.
Public propertyDiff
For Fermion circuits, a list of allowed differences between spin-up and spin-down counts. Effectively, this list constrains the possible values of the total net spin of valid configurations. An empty list, [], means to allow any difference.
Public propertyECnt
For Fermion circuits, the valid total electron count (total number of occupied states). A value of 0 means that any number of electrons is valid.
Public propertyHalf
For Fermion circuits, are the qubits ordered so that the first half are the spin-up states? The alternative is for qubits to represent alternating spin-up andn spin-down states.
Public propertyMaxWires
The maximum wire count for a single grown gate generated by Circuit.GrowGates
Public propertyOCnt
For Fermion circuits, the number of electron states. In chemical simulations, this is the spin orbital count.
Public propertyParity
For Fermion circuits, whether to enforce conservation of angular momentum via parity.
Public propertyRedund
For Fermion circuits, whether to ignore (set to zero) portions of the resulting unitary that don't satisfy the electron count, parity check, or net spin constraints. See the Users' Guide for details.
Public propertySingle
If true, build a single unitary; if false, grow gates into a denser circuit.
Public propertySkip
Count of initial qubits to skip (because they are used for phase estimation) in Circuit.GrowSingle.
Public propertyVerbose
The logging verbosity level. Possible values are:
  • 0: No grow logging
  • 1: Final circuit logging
  • 2: Full detailed logging
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Public methodToString
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Public methodVerboseSet
Creates a new GrowPars with a different verbosity setting.
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